DFF Live ! Edition

Portable digital investigation lab

Use DFF everywhere

DFF Live has been designed in order to provide a comprehensive and portable digital investigation arsenal.

In addition to the most recognized Free and Open Source digital forensics software, we have integrated and packaged custom versions of Digital Forensics Framework.

  1. Collect volatile data before shutting down a system
  2. Boot on a dedicated Linux forensics distribution
  3. Perform forensics analysis of systems and local storage devices
  4. Preserve evidences in a secured storage area

Key features

List opened network connections
Extract temporary and cache files
Get running processes
Live boot on ArxSys' Linux forensics distribution
Analyze file systems (FAT, NTFS, EXTFS)
Recover hidden and deleted data
Filter data
Get list of installed software
Analysis of Windows registry
Internet browser artifacts
Analysis of Windows event logs
Store extracted data in a secured storage area
A simple and intuitive graphical interface
Collect of volatile data
Get a packaged and configured solution
Bypass encryption mechanisms
Preserve data integrity
Export and save results to a secured and encrypted container

What's included ?

DFF Professional edition
DFF Portable executable
DFF Linux Live ! distribution
16 GB USB flash drive
Maintenance updates & upgrades
Live forensics tools