DFF Professional edition

Get the future of DFF, have support from experts

DFF Pro is an enhanced edition built from the free and Open Source project.
Get new features earlier, professional support and deploy DFF with confidence for your digital investigations.

Get advanced features

Automation engine

scan for file signatures and apply compatible module

Malware detection engine connector

Connect DFF to virus databases

Windows event logs management

Windows XP, Vista & 7 event logs manager and viewer

Hash database reduction

Auto exclusion / inclusion from cryptographic hash databases (NSRL or your own)

HTML reporting

Customize and export your report

Professional support

  • Windows 64 bits installers
  • Software updates & upgrades
  • Bug fixes
  • On-line customer portal
  • Documentation & guides
  • User support
  • Guaranteed response time

Why upgrade to DFF Pro ?

Use DFF in production
Enjoy additional features
Participate in product evolutions
Have support from DFF core developers
Contribute by funding an Open Source project

What's included ?

Advanced features
Windows 64 bits installers
Maintenance updates & upgrades
Access to customer portal